Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Beginnings

What must it feel like to wave goodbye to your parents and enter a classroom for the day? We all experienced it and have some vague memories. Yesterday Mary and I watched with great awe as seventeen children courageously left their parents and entered a new space. 

We watched and listened as the children encountered  a friend, new information being shared or tried to assimilate an unfamiliar part of the day.

What is PE? 
Is it a person?
No, Renee is the person who teaches PE.
But where does she teach us?
I already know how to run.

Will we come back here (the classroom) or will she keep us?

I tried to see the day and the experience through the eyes of a child. As we get to know each child, we can a begin to perceive the experiences of the classroom through the lens that each child wears. 

Stop for a moment and remember your first day of Kindergarten. 

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