Monday, December 3, 2012

Perfect Symmetry

A Culture of Literacy

One of the best parts of our Kindergarten year is the time spent with our eighth grade reading buddies on Friday afternoons. It is  a reciprocal relationship of mutual benefits.

We watch the Kindergartner's faces as they gaze upwards with  awe, respect and affection. The eighth grade for their part take the responsibility for sharing a story and connecting with a five or six year old very seriously.

As the year continues, there is a familiarity between the classes. The Kindergarten will rush the eighth graders as they walk across the garden for a hug or a high five. The children look to the big kids for social cues and the eighth graders know that they are being watched.

Last week, Renee shared that the eighth graders will join the Kindergarten during their PE  class on Tuesdays. This was met with many happy exclamations. 

It feels like  perfect symmetry for the youngest class in the lower school to cherish the graduating class. A circle beginning and ending at the same place.

 “We make a living by what we get, we make a life  by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

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