Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Snow Day at Sabot

There are days in the kindergarten that we know must never be forgotten. Friday was one of those days. 

The campus was covered  with a pristine blanket of the first winter's snow. It was quiet and still. 

The garden beckoned the children and the children answered with laughter, cartwheels and unbridled delight.

There were so many possibilities and an avalanche of ideas. Snowmen, snow angels, snow balls, ice, forts, igloos, skating, icicles....where to start?

The garden looked different. 

The trees that stand tall and harbor nests in the Spring were burdened with heavy snow and ice. Their branches scraped the ground and sealed the light out. The boys entered bravely----there was treachery inside to be dealt with by the brave and courageous.

One snow person would be lonely. Two seemed just right. 

The Garden Room joined us and shared the sleds they brought. How did we forget about the sleds? We were so grateful to the Garden Room for adding yet another layer of fun.


  1. These are such beautiful and joyful images. As much as we all wished for it, I doubt that a snow day at home could ever have been as magical. Thank you for sharing these moments with all of us.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a school day in the snow.