Monday, January 14, 2013

One Cold Day: Glassblowing

Keep your eyes on the children faces. What do you notice? Curiosity,  smiles and even a frowning face concentrating (perhaps an icicle hanging from a nose). 

Ryan, a master glassblower, shared his craft with us one very cold day after our holiday break. We marveled as he blew into a long rod and glass, a material we know to be a solid, stretched into a bubble and acted like a liquid.  

Many of the children have seen the work of Chihuly at the VMFA. They knew that glass can have many colors and take many shapes but had never witnessed the process of making glass.

Ryan connected with the children through humor and responded to all of their questions.  He made the process seem attainable until he opened the furnace and we were reminded that the beautiful craft of glassblowing demands  collaboration with an intense  raging fire.  

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