Monday, January 14, 2013

The Protocol for Measuring

The Protocol for Measuring

We decided to measure our feet.  We set out together in small groups armed with our measuring tools. Popcubes.

When we reunited in circle as a class community we had questions and discussed the many variables we encountered.

Noah and Tanner measured their feet and realized that they each recorded eleven popcubes. When they placed their feet side by side, Tanner noticed that  Noah's foot was much bigger.
How did this happen?
Noah and Tanner shared their procedure for measuring and realized that Noah had measured his foot from the heel to his little toe. They decided that all feet should
be measured in the middle of the foot from heel to the middle toe.

Acadia also realized that we needed to decide as a class if we measured with our shoes on or shoes off. Her foot measured two cubes less when not wearing her shoes. The children determined that this would not be fair. We all had to do the same thing.

Gardner created an invention that would help us measure in a "fair" way. He connected a popcube tower to another  perpendicular popcube tower. Gardner said his invention reminded him of the "machine in a shoe store".

Ian. It works because you put your heel against it.
Tannin: You can take off pop-cubes if you need to.

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