Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What is that Sound?

Pippin wears many hats at Sabot. He leads us in the effort caring for our campus and buildings. He is a wood woodworker and the King of all Tinkerers (although we do have several Queens). He is a musician, specifically a percussionist. 

Pippin views all things as having possibilities. It might look like a coffee can to you but Pippin cam and will reinvent, reuse and recreate. 

When we ask ourselves at Sabot, "Where should I start, how can I contribute and what can I offer?", the impulse is to start with our strengths. It was very natural then for Pippin to contribute to our Music Circle with a installation called "What's that Sound".

Pippin's music/sound-making instrument contraption is always hidden by a few Vanna's and a white sheet. We listen and then the questions begin.

Is it a baton?

It is a metal tube that you hit with a maillot?
It it the thing outside of the Kindergarten that hangs on the wall?
Is it a xylophone?
A triangle?
A gong?
Does it involve a drum?

Pippin adds a clue. "You walk by it every day."

Is it a red thing outside of the front door?

If we see a big grin run across Pippin's face we know we have stumbled on the right answer.

Just because we guessed it though does not mean that questions end.

How did you make it Pippin? How does it make that sound?

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