Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friendly Signs Spotted

Martin Luther King said to take care of each other every day. Is it possible to do this with friendly signs?

When we returned from our Martin Luther King Celebration we found these star signs posted throughout our classroom and school.

I saw a star on someone’s desk.
I found a star in the bathroom.
I found a star in the kitchen. I think it is a scavenger hunt.
I saw the  one in the bathroom too.
There was one in the bathroom?
I think it says brave.
Why are those going around?
Maybe it is Pippin.
Why are they around though?
It is because it is MLK day.
Anna, our studio teacher, mentioned that she had a dream to post friendly signs that show kindness throughout the city of Richmond. Several children expressed their interest and began the process of  researching signs.  The children realized that some signs use only symbols to tell a message.
We saw a sign that says a fire truck needs to park here. It does seem a little grouchy but it is important.
Anna also shared that the group discovered that signs share safety concerns. There is a 3-way sign and it tells drivers that there is an intersection approaching with three roads that come together.
Anna laid a few signs out in front of the children. "Do these signs seem like friendly signs? Are they easy to read?"
I notice that a sign says silly.
Stop at the stop sign and stop at the light. That is a safety sign.
The pictures are nice so they feel friendly.
If someone was walking past the silly sign they might start to feel funny.
If you want to be happy you have to be funny.
A lot of these signs are about safety. Does safety make you happy?
Yes. If you are safe you are happy.
Yeah, but if I was grumpy then a safety sign would not make me feel better.
We could write one that says "Make Friends"
I am wondering if you could make a funny face and then post them.
My sign does not say Be Happy because that would be bossy. It is not a nice thing to be bossy.

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