Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Love is a Special Package

We continue to debate the shape of the heart. What does the heart look like in our bodies?

an excerpt from a conversation:

On the heart (our model of the heart that the middle school provided us with)there are numbers and it may be how a heart is inside our body.

Those things are the veins and they are for pumping blood.

The red ones are veins and the blue don’t carry blood. Sometimes they are called arteries but I don’t know what they do.

They carry it for oxygen. It is air! We need to breathe. They travel through the heart and then to the lungs.

Anna reminded us that last week we had read a poem about the heart. The poet had written words stating that he carried love and a song in his heart. Anna asked if anyone sees the love or the song in the model of the heart?

 The love is inside of your heart.

This is showing the outside of the heart only.

It is in your heart and it just comes out of your heart when you love someone.

When you are inside your mommy you are born with love.

No.  You have to get the love from somebody.

When you are born you don’t know your mom.

That is why you need to get to be friends with your mom when you get out of her tummy.

You have to listen to see what your mom’s name is when she is talking to someone and then you can  be friends with her.

The mom has to say "I am your mom".

You have to get to know your mom first to feel love.

You don’t understand your mom when you are in her tummy.

Babies  don’t know anyone so they can’t love anyone.

Anna asked: Can you hear your mommy when you are in a tummy?

I could not hear my mommy when I was in her tummy.

I knew my mommy when I came out and I knew Ivy would know me and Lydia when she came out.

You can definitely hear your mom talking but you can’t understand her because you haven’t learned a single word yet. You recognize her voice but you don’t know what she is saying.

Anna asked: How does Annie’s love travel to Saudi Arabia (where her Daddy lives)?  When you are not with someone how does your love travel?

Maybe love comes in a special package that is invisible and you gets in your heart.

We doodled the inside of our hearts.

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