Tuesday, February 12, 2013


After  commemorating the work of Martin Luther King, the Kindergarten had a conversation.

Did you know that MLK said that if someone is mean to you just have to talk nicely and not hit them back.

He wants us to do it every day and not just on a holiday.

He wants us to bring peace to the world.

We have to be nice to everyone.

We should water the plants.

We could sing songs to each other.

I would sew something to someone that doesn’t have something like a blanket or a stuffed animal.

We could make stuffed animals for people that don’t have stuffed animals.

The animals help you sleep if you don’t have a nightlight or a dream catcher. All the kids should have a stuffed animal.

We would put a heart inside to show love.

We could put a zipper on the animal and fill it up with paper hearts.

Fabric hearts would work. You could put so many hearts in there that they are squeezing to get out and when you open the zipper they fly out.

The stuffed animal would be fat with hearts.

Our intention is to make stuffed animals for children who do not have dream catchers.
The animals are fat with hearts.

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