Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Shape of Our Heart

Roman and Noah were interested in the human body. They were tracing the systems of the body and swapping their knowledge and understanding. The middle school had a model of the inside organs of the chest of a person. We brought it to the Kindergarten for a provocation.

We brought the model to circle one day. We examined the heart  in the chest cavity.

Noah: I thought the heart was this shape (placed his hands in the shape of a symbol of the heart)

Ian: It is a heart in the body.  It might not be the same. The heart in our world is up, down, up, down, back and curve.
Caleb: The heart in our body is red but the hearts in the world don't have to be red.

Annie: The lungs protect your heart.

Noah: They don’t just do that. They help you breathe

Caleb: If you didn’t have one you would suffocate and die.

Tanner: The heart could help you live.

Noah: If you didn’t have a heart you would die right after you were made.

Matilda: Your heart pumps blood in all the parts of the body.

Caleb: The veins suck your blood. They are like cords they bring your blood up to you heart. Your lungs go like this (everyone tried this)

Tannin: I wasn’t taking deep breathes and my heart was still pumping blood

We all experimented with this.  

Caleb: Mine stopped breathing.  It was like when I was running really fast and it beat really fast.

Peyton: Why does that heart not look the same as their heart?

Acadia: The shapes are different.

Do the children perceive the symbol  of a heart as the heart that beats in their body? If they are currently accommodating this new information how will they reconcile the heart as a symbol of love? Will the newly acquired representation of the heart have a place for love to be held?
Is there a place for  love to be held in the heart in our bodies?


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