Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Story Workshop: The Wisdom of Ninjago

Tanner, Jericho, and Ian worked together at the collage table during Story Workshop. They created and recreated the setting for the story and then negotiated the characters and the plot.  Later when I sat with them to listen to the story the conversation unfolded in an unexpected way. 

The bad guy ship is trying to get the gem (hidden under the basket). The sea monsters and the good ships are standing guard and protecting the gem. All of a sudden, the Great Chomper, a giant clam that chomps, jumps on the bad guy boat and began to eat it. 

The ending for the story however was under debate. 

Jericho: The sea monsters attack the bad guy ship and then it sinks.

Ian: When the Great Chomper dies,the ships make a decision to stop the violence. 

Tanner was dissatisfied with the endings. He offered the idea that the violence should stop AND they should all become friends.

Jericho considered this proposal. 

Jericho: The best way to defeat our enemies is to become friends with them. If they survive an attack they might attack again. 

Ian: Did you hear that on Ninjago? I heard that too and know that is true. 

All Leaders of Nations Throughout the World, please listen to the wisdom of Ninjago (and the  advice of young children!!!)

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