Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Special Delivery

"Love is just love." 

How do we discuss these big ideas?

 How do we represent something that cannot be seen?

We are deconstructing love....peeling back the layers of what we know to be true. 

The children offer their hypothesis.

We need to have love to live. It is not invisible. 

How do we give and receive love?

E: I think it gets delivered into your heart. The blood cells bring love to you.

T: You habe to love or people would not like you. you have to be nice to people and they give you love. Thee is a love cell that travels around your body and brings love.

J: If you don’t have love when you are born you won’t like  your parents. We have love when we are born because babies like their parents. Love is just inside of you.

Annie had a good point. Love has to be something and it is something you need. You would die without love. Annie said it is like water, food and air but you can’t see it.

We started to realize that we must have love. So if we must have love than it would be important to know how our bodies receive and give love. The children acknowledged that this is not something that they think about much. It just seems to happen so it is going to be hard to understand.

We did have some courageous risk-takers who offered some hypothesis.

A: There is an invisible package and an invisible tube and whenever love comes into your body through the tube and your heart has a flap that goes inside.

C: There is a string in the community and the string is attached to another person that you love. This is how love travels.

G: Love is shot into your body by a tank filled with love.

Cat Henney, our math specialist,always tells us that math explains everything in our world. R. must have been listening.

R. described the exchange of love....the give and take... occurring in the heart using the math terms we have been using in our classroom. If you give away 2 hearts of love, then 2 more and then 3 hearts of love inside of your body heart then there are 7 hearts of love for other people.
Notice that the heart squeezes the love hearts from the heart organ (just an inside glimpse of the mechanics of the heart). 

Noah sees love as a special delivery from one very busy mail person.

N: There is an invisible mailman and he delivers the invisible package of love to others and then drives away.

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