Monday, April 15, 2013

What Happens to Your Body When It is Feeling Love?

Our meeting with Dan got us thinking that it might be easier to define love if we notice what love does to people or even animals.  Maybe we need to study a person or animal as they are feeling love or offering love to others.

What is that feeling you have when you see someone or a pet after a long day in Kindergarten?

P: Sometimes when my dad is gone and I see him I run after him and give him a hug and I feel love.

Ell: I have fishes and I walk into my house and they are happy because they look at the door and they are looking at me.

G: My dog sniffs me because he loves me.

N: The cat purrs when he sees me  and he shows love. He runs when he is startled.

I see my cat and my fish with my eyes and then with my heart.

Love is something that we experience when responding to our animals. Do animals experience love? We wondered if we could tell if one of our pets was expressing love for us?

Ly: When I come home and see the fish they jump out of the hole and that makes me happy. I think they are happy, too.

C: Whenever my fish and dog sees me they see me they come out and wiggle around because they think I am going to feed them and they love me.

We also begin to realize that it is not just our heart that is working when we experience love. Our eyes take the pictures of what we see and then our brain reads the pictures.

What does love feel like? What does our body do when it is experiencing a feeling?

D: Love is everywhere inside your body and you feel it inside your body and all over.

Dan: Love cannot be described as a thing but as a feeling that we feel. Like chemicals and hormones. It is a special chemical that a body makes and it can make you feel excited or scared about things. What happens when you feel really really scared?

P: I felt scared when I was first riding a bike and I felt like I was shaking.

Ac: I felt scared when I got stitches and my body was scared, too.

N: When I get nervous I get scared and I don’t want to leave.

E: My body was shaking during a fire drill. 

J: When you are scared your heart beats really really fast.

Dan: Yes and you can feel shaky and then nauseous and maybe get cold or hot.

We started to wonder if we could learn about love based on the way that our bodies react to love or even other strong emotions like sadness or anger.

In the above sketch, Tannin notices that one of her fish has died.  Love is sent to her heart and she begins to feel sad. As she feels her face changes the way it looks.

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N: I am playing with my friends and it is a nice day. I am happy. There is a happy dance in my tummy.

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