Monday, May 13, 2013


"Shhh! Be very very quiet."

"Bushes don't talk. We can't talk or they will know."

"Anna, stop taking pictures of the bush. The middle school will know."

The day had arrived for the launch of our experiment. The excitement was palpable. 

We will hide behind the bush and see if we made the world a better place to live just like Martin Luther King said we should.

What will the middle school do when they see our signs?

Will our friendly signs make them less grouchy?

We were testing our hypothesis and observing and collecting data. 


When we returned to school we documented our observations and reacted to the data collected. 

N: It was hard to stay in that bush but it felt good when I watched the middle school.

L:People were giggling and saying words like dance, rainbow.
I head some of the girls say “I love rainbows.”

N: Some people actually said I love that bush

Jer:  I heard them say, "I never noticed that bush before."

Tanne:  Some of kids  loved the signs but some people kept on walking.

Why do you think some of the them kept on walking?

Eli: They were talking . They were late for PE.

Did the signs change the way the Middle Schoolers felt? 

D: It changed Pippin. Because he was gloomy but then happy.

Ac: This is what I do when I am a situation like that. I just say ask them a question.

C: I think some of the eighth graders saw us in the bush because I did not scoot back.

A frown is turned upside down after the rainbow sign is spotted. 

We are behind the bush and we see the Middle School looking at the box and smiling.

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