Monday, May 20, 2013

What we know about collage

The Forest is a profound experience for each child. 

Each year we consider a language for the children to express and document their time playing, learning, imagining, creating and absorbing the Forest. 

One of our intentions this year was to provide materials for collage as a  form of expression. We used loose material collage and paper collage during investigative research and also during story workshop. This language offers many affordances and can be liberating for young children with slowly developing fine motor skills. Mistakes which deepen understanding (and so encouraged) are easily remedied with collage.

As we worked with collage (below),  we acquired a shared framework for using it.. 

We discovered:

  • Collage works best if you attend to the background of a picture first. 
  • Smaller pieces of paper layered can provide dimension.
  • Planning before working with collage is important but sketching small details on the paper to collage does not work.
  • Using mixed media with collage(colored pencils, thinking pens) received mixed reviews. Some children thought it was distracting and detracted from their collage. 
  • The details of the foreground---a tree, person, bridge---can be assembled and then glued in its entirety to the collage.

A few of our finished works of art

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