Monday, October 27, 2014

The Enchantments of the Forest

Forest  Day is a day to exhale.

The children have the freedom to run, shout, sing, swing, stomp, climb or just sit without transitions or the demands of a schedule.

As we observe the  children and the energy, we notice that the environment and the play exudes a confidence that makes risk taking palpable to many. These risks include crossing a log, jumping from a rock, climbing a tree, building a shelter, forging a pool of water and leading a group.

We marvel most at the children who are reserved or hesitant in the classroom. The forest provides a leveled playing field and anonymity easing the anxiety of making a mistake or collaborating with a large group.

We place great value on the environment in the learning process. The Forest is an environment that presents shifting variables instilling flexibility and creative thought. It is also an environment open to possibilities and demanding flexibility.

We have linked two videos providing a glimpse of several children playing and stretching their comfort level.

One child jumps as other children watch. This observation leads to one child accepting the challenge and another considering it. The passwords for these particular videos are sabotkindergarten.
Seeking Challenges

One child requests scaffolding from another as they climb trees together.
The Forest Changes Everything

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