Monday, November 17, 2014

An Expedition to Richmond

The excitement was contagious. 

All moments were captured through the photography talents of Molly Booker, Brian's mom. She documented our trip with energy and thought. 

On Wednesday, November 6th we ventured into the city for further exploration. This time our mode of transportation was a train with the destination Old City Hall. This castle-like structure appeared in the students' drawings from our last field trip and seemed to garnish much curiosity. We boarded the train at Staples Mill station.

We waited patiently for the train at the Staples Mill station. 

It was with great dismay that we heard that the train was delayed. Our excitement was impossible to contain. 

Thank goodness Mary Baxter began to sing. The station master liked our sound and
asked us to return at Christmas to sing carols.

Our train was announced and so we headed to the platform. 

"Dinah, won't you blow your horn." Our ride into the city arrives.

We boarded the train with great anticipation. 
We spent some time drawing the sights and
architecture that we saw at the train station.

We left the  station and embarked on our trek up the hill to the Capitol.
Our weaving caravan included a red wagon piled high with lunch boxes and necessities. 

"It looks like the white house." As we considered who might live in this house, we
decided to take a run up the long and inviting staircase.
The Kindergarten ate on the Capitol lawn and enjoyed the statues, view and soft grass.

We shared a picnic and explored the grounds together.

We studied  the Capitol, the tall buildings in the distance and the spires of Old City hall. 
This building  appeals to the children. They seem to be attracted to the
unique architecture and the idea that there are two city halls, an older one and a new one
It was a day that put smiles on all of our faces. 

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