Monday, November 2, 2015

Umbrella Day: A trip into Richmond

Each year, Sabot at Stony Point hosts a project involving the preschool, lower and middle school. We refer to this project as the Umbrella Project. This is our second year exploring and considering the city of Richmond. Last Thursday, the entire school ventured into the city. The Kindergarten boarded a city bus and traveled to the observation deck at City Hall. .

We asked the children to predict what they thought they might see? We also practiced riding a bus. Anna pretended that she was the door to the bus and offered a few tips with Shayna, our bus driver, regarding cueing for a bus, paying for the ride, thanking the driver and finding your seat.


When Umbrella Day arrived there was much excitement and many smiles.

 Later we reflected on our bus ride.

Lorelai: We saw someone put their bike on the front of the car.

Annabel: I felt car sick. It was long ride.

Shayna: I noticed that the cars were much smaller than the bus.

Zoey: I noticed when we walked in  everything wasn't like what I thought it would be. I was surprised to see a sign with a little circle in it that meant no smoking.

Bryce: When I sat down there was a yellow wire that you could pull so the bus driver  would know it was your stop.

Kate: I noticed that the kids were getting in line so they would not get squished or break the bus. Some grown ups got in line too.

Zach: The top one was the money maker. The teacher had to tell the kids to put their money in the other one

Penelope: I thought the money maker would be  a box with a little hole in it because I have been on a bus before.

Samuel: When we got off the bus there were two pairs of steps. I got off in the middle of the bus. I thought we were going to the roof of the building.

Kenny:When we were on the bus I saw us crossing the James River. I saw a tiny waterfall and rocks and lots of trees.

We shared our impressions of the observation deck and the bird's eye view it afforded.

Cal: I remember people bonking their heads on the window as they sketched.

Shayna: I saw the nursery part of VCU and it had alot of words.

Caroline: I saw old city hall. It looked like a castle.

Bryce: I saw a bridge over the James River.

Annabel: I saw a really tall building with lots of windows.

Penelope: I think I noticed my mom's car going under a tunnel.

Charlie: I saw all the way to the beach.

Eve: I saw the clock tower. It had a point at the top and squares on the bottom. It just didn't look much like all of the other buildings but it was really interesting.

I saw a fan on the top of the building.

Lorelai: I saw old city hall and it looked like a haunted house.

Caroline: There was a cross walk where people walk and it keeps them safe. There are these little white lines. They keep going up where you want to go.

We spent some time jogging and skipping around the observation deck. Kenny said he though the top of the building would be the shape of a circle and not the shape of a square. Many of the children were fascinated with the flags from the countries of the bikers 

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