Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are obsessed. All of us.
The Object of Our Obsession

N and R have discovered a snail. They want to pick it up and carry it to a home but we suggest observing it for some time.

N: Look it is a suction cup.

R: Just like Spider Man.

N: The snail is leaving behind a trail of slime. You can tell where he has been.

Poppy notices that the snail is using its antennas to feel its environment and make decisions.

As I sat and watched the children interact with the snail. I noticed that they each had an urge to take care of the snail and nurture it. They wanted to carry it, build the snail a home and forge for food. I guess they see smaller life and react innately.

As we slowed down and observed the snail the children were struck by the parts of the snail that allow it to stick to the side of the bridge and sense its slow path. They realized that despite its size the snail is a sophisticated creature and can respond to the world with caution and self assurance.

What a metaphor for all of us big people! How do we perceive the smaller people in our midst?


  1. Wow Mary and Mary, so beautifully done. It is so moving when the children's wonder comes through with such beautiful photographs and their own words. I started to write the word "curiosity", but that word just doesn't capture their reverence. It seems more of a continual awareness and growing understanding of their connection to everything around them. Simple and beautiful.

    1. Nancy,

      As you have experienced so often in your classroom, the awareness and connection occurred in the act of slowing down. A serious inhale and exhale!

  2. A powerful question to ask ourselves as parents and teachers..... The answer greatly affects the adults that they will become...