Friday, August 31, 2012

Through The Eyes of the Children

The ordinary is transformed. There is beauty in the  perspective.

 The height of this tower was immediately noticed but it was the inside of the tower that caught the children's attention.

The children wondered how the light table was lit. Peyton offered  to blow the light out. 

The table is set and waiting for the fairies. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Note to Self

Watch all Star Wars movies and study characters and plots.

This is the language spoken by all Kindergarten boys (and a few Kindergarten I was gently reminded).

New Beginnings

What must it feel like to wave goodbye to your parents and enter a classroom for the day? We all experienced it and have some vague memories. Yesterday Mary and I watched with great awe as seventeen children courageously left their parents and entered a new space. 

We watched and listened as the children encountered  a friend, new information being shared or tried to assimilate an unfamiliar part of the day.

What is PE? 
Is it a person?
No, Renee is the person who teaches PE.
But where does she teach us?
I already know how to run.

Will we come back here (the classroom) or will she keep us?

I tried to see the day and the experience through the eyes of a child. As we get to know each child, we can a begin to perceive the experiences of the classroom through the lens that each child wears. 

Stop for a moment and remember your first day of Kindergarten.