Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shoe pie fly? 
No, Shoefly Pie!
You want to know why there is Shoefly Pie?
You might want to ask the boy who made the Shoefly Pie why there is pie?
Or perhaps ask the the children who ate the Shoefly Pie? 
Is Shoefly Pie named after a Shoefly? Is it named for a Shoe with the power to fly?
These are questions that can only be answered by you know who...the children who ate the Shoefly pie...that is WHO.

All more left ....this is true.


  1. Tanner just loves the silly songs and fun activities like these. As far as he is concerned the two Mary's could take their act on the road and be a smashing success in the entertainment industry. We are all big fans!!

  2. Lisa, thanks for the feedback. Jennifer, Jericho made the pie (with some help from those who love him at home).