Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Give Me Shelter with a Tree

Our days in the forest provide opportunities to experience nature, trees, branches, leaves, stones and the fruit of the tree in an organic and yet formative way. We have talked about trees, observed trees, studied trees represented trees but our time in the forest allows an opportunity to build and create our most primal need....shelter using trees.

Colin Ward, a British author, is quoted in the book Geography of Childhood

“Trees can be climbed and hidden behind; They can become forts or bases; with their surrounding vegetation and roots, they become dens and little houses;they provide shelter landmarks and privacy; fallen, they become part of an obstacle course or material for den-building; near them you find birds,little animals, conkers, fallen leaves, mud, fir cones and winged seeds; they provide a suitable backdrop for every conceivable game of the imagination.”

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