Monday, September 29, 2014

Umbrella Day in Richmond, Virginia

This is a skyscraper and those are too. These are people parachuting from the sky. Oliver

OUR RICHMOND is the Umbrella project this year for the community at Sabot at Stony Point. Families, teachers and students will explore the city they call home, Richmond. This project prompted all lower and middle school classes to venture off campus on September 24 and travel into the city.

The Kindergarten boarded a city bus and rode for nearly an hour into Richmond. Our final destination was City Hall.  Elevators delivered the class to the observation deck and a view of their city that few students had seen. This provocation was organized by the teachers with the hope that the experience would inspire questions, inquiry and representation regarding the city.
As the children considered the approaching trip into  Richmond they predicted where the bus might take them and what it would be like to ride a bus?

Le: We will go by my house because I live in Richmond. 

Lenore did not consider Richmond a distant location but rather a PLACE that was a part of her daily life.
We may ride in a bus with two floors because there are alot of us.     Luke

L: I drew two skyscrapers one with my dad in it. I have been to my dad’s office.
Le: We will see lots of people in the bus. I am behind the bus you can’t see me.
M: I have been to a bus stop before and there is a sign that says bus stop don’t park there.

The children boarded and rode imaginary buses during project time and then shared their thinking  during our circle and discussion.

N: There are basically benches and sometimes there are fold up tables and places in the back where wheelchairs can come on. You feel like you are going really fast but when you stop you feel like you are still going.
Anna: When I go on the bus I have to hold on so I stay up.
O: Are there any chairs in buses?
Anna: Nathan and I have seen benches on a bus.

The next day several children offered more information.
H:  We need to give the conductor the money for the ride.
Co: I was looking for quarters from my bank.
Ca: Cole has three dollars. There are four quarters in a dollar.

The children practiced putting the money into the "bus machine" and realized that some of the money was for the trip to the city and some of the money was for the trip back from the city. After counting the coins for the trip to the city and then counting the coins that remained they realized that six coins were needed each way.

Then a concern was raised. What if you fall asleep on the bus? This possible peril generated much discussion and also spurred sign making to alert passengers to other potential safety issues.

"No falling asleep on the bus and do no ride on the roof of the bus." Nathan
"Do not forget your seat belt."
"No getting off the bus when cars are driving or when the bus is driving."
The rules and safety regulations helped us safely arrive at our destination. We saw Our City from one of the highest perches available. 
The children sketched with deep concentration. 

The contrast of old city hall and new city hall seemed to pique interest.
"New city hall was built because Richmond became so big"
"Old city hall looks like a castle."

Look who we found at the top of city Hall.

The infamous crane was documented by many students in their sketchbooks.

Later in the classroom

Co: I saw a building that it looked like a person was  upside down on it.
Ei: I saw a field that had cars and grass with a big pool around it.
E: I saw a car go into a building. Maybe it was going into a building. 
Co: It may be a place to put your car or something.
Br: I saw a building connected together.
a car crossing a bridge  
Ha: I saw a jeep and I saw person who was waving to another person and they were on the street. I saw a construction worker building a building.
Ta: I saw a truck go onto of the building. They guy drove it to the top of the building

an air conditioning unit on the top of a building
Men working on the roof
We will slowly peel back the layers of the trip in the weeks to come. Revisit our documentation and memories and also begin to to consider our next adventure in the city. 

What pursuit or inquiry will the children find most alluring and intriguing?

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