Monday, April 22, 2013

Anticipating Our Feelings

We had an intention to make stuffed animals for children that might not have one. If you don't have a stuffed animal it is difficult to fall asleep at night. Sometimes stuffed animals listen to your feelings of frustration. After the children sewed the stuffed animals we checked in with each of them. 

How do you think the children will feel when they receive your gift? How will you feel when you give them the gift?

Jericho: I think the children will like it. I will feel happy because they will probably say thank you and hug me. It will make me feel happy because they will like it. I have too many things so I don’t need to keep it. Sometimes when someone is sad you give them something.

Ian: I feel like the person I give it to will hug me. I am going to feel proud of myself for doing that work. I want to give it away because it is nicer than keeping it. I think the happiness in my body will come out.

Elizabeth: I will be kinda of happy and kind of sad. I will feel happy because the child will need it.  I will feel kind of sad because I really love it. I will feel proud though when I give it away. There will be a lot of love in my body and I say 

Acadia: I will feel happy because my hard work will not go to waste but to someone who loves it. I know that the children will care about it and sleep with it. My tummy will do the happy dance….when it flips.

Matilda: I think that the child will say “Yeah” and dance. I like to give things to others because I  feel nice and excited, too. I feel like I  just made a new friend.

Tanner: When I get presents from Santa Claus I am very happy.  The children will be very happy, too.  I think all children should have a stuffed animal to keep them company. I have my pooh in my bed and he doesn't have love in him but he is very special to me. If I give my spider to someone he will be the child’s special family.

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  1. Such a generous project and such awesome remarks from the children. Congratulations!