Monday, April 15, 2013

How Can Science Inform Our Understanding of Love?

 We wondered if science could inform our thinking. We invited Dan Daglish our Science Specialist  to attend one of our Project Circles and have a conversation with us.

Dan: Love is difficult for science to understand because  science often requires running tests or experiments in order to collect information and figure things out.

Jesse: We could have  an experiment and look for love. We would need to open up a dead person to see what is love.

Caleb: I think that a scientist could draw an x on a dead person and see all of the love in that person’s love.

 Dan:What would love look like inside of a person?

Caleb:It would be all the pictures of the people loved.

Jesse's representation of Caleb's theory.

Ian: If you wait until somebody dies you would not be able to see love because only their bones are left.

Noah: You could make a machine and suck love out.

Dan: What would you expect to see if you looked for love inside of a person?

Nora: You could make a cat scan xray and see the inside of a person and get an image of love.

Acadia: It would look like a heart and it would be inside a real heart.

Elizabeth: It would be a package inside the heart and it would be delivered by the blood cells.

Ian: It is invisible.

Tannin: It would look like a person taking care of a community and being a part of a community.

N: We would see tubes coming out of the heart making love appear. My eyes see something and then it sends a signal to my chest. 

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