Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trying to Understand Love

We merged two inquiry questions during a conversation in our Kindergarten. We are pursuing the heart and also wondering about the love that connects us together. The love that Martin Luther King talked about in his important speeches. We think that the heart and love are connected. As we started answering a big question Jericho asked an even deeper one.

Where is love kept in your body?

R: The love is in your heart. You love somebody.

T: The human body has different shape hearts than the the "love heart". If you didn’t have a heart in your body than you would not have life.

L: The love heart is a different kind of a heart. It is a different shape of a heart than the the heart in your body. The heart does not mean love because it is in your body.

D: You need to have love in your heart so you can love people in the world.

Caleb: The more love in your body the more you love your friends and your family. Your love is kept everywhere in your body. It is in your bones and not just in your heart.

Do you need love? 

Ac: You need air to breath. It is like this for love. When love comes it goes into your mouth through your throat and then pumps it all over the place.

An: There is love in your heart and without it you would die. It is in a pocket in your heart.

Annie's heart pocket is filled.

Jericho asks his own question. What exactly is love? I don’t know what that is?

C: Love is like this funny thing around the world. You know when you make a friend. It travels everywhere in the world.

 A: Love is love.

L: Love is love because it spreads to everyone in the whole world. People are spreading love to people.

ES: Love is somebody that you care about like your family.

TK:I think it is an actual thing. I don’t think it is invisible.  There is no such thing as invisible. It has to be SOMETHING at least.

TF:Invisible is just something made up. Invisible can't be a heart in your body.

J: I think your heart is red and it beats. I also don’t know which one is the real heart. The one in your body or the real one…the actual one. I am real so if my heart is inside of me it has to be real. I am in this world.

D: Love comes from the heart. That heart is the real one and the other one is the symbol.

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